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Mini Rice Mill Machines

Rice Mill Machines

It is a unique combination of modern Rice mill machine and a traditional rice huller. It is a modified design of traditional 8no huller. It fits all standard accessories of 8 no huller like screen, shaft, bearing, polish patti, screw patii etc. but it has a unique body design so the percentage of rice is about 65-68% from paddy. In traditional huller rice percentage is very low i.e. 50-55%. Raja 108 has a three nos. of screens. 2 at the bottom of the body and 1 at cover. So it requires minimum energy. It has a well made husk blower design so u can get husk free very clean rice from it. Fan in the blower is balanced so no vibration at all. Raja 108 comes with rice screen also. It can separate broken rice and whole rice. It will give u best quality polish bran that will be used as cattle food. If runs on electric motor, almost no maintenance required for long time.
Mini Rice Mill Machines
Mini Rice Mill Machines
Mini Rice Mill Machines
Rice Mill Machine

Features Of Mini Rice Mill
  • Belt less and pully less Monoblock Model
  • Runs on 5 H.P. and 7.5 H.P Motor
  • Minimum Consumption Of Electricity
  • Long Lasting Bearings
  • Foundation Not needed
  • Minimum or no maintenance required
  • Vibration and noise free Machine
  • Easy Operating.
  • Low Electricity cost, Low Noise Level
  • No need of foundation
  • Can be Driven By Diesel Engine also
  • Well made blower design for husk free clean rice
  • Special rice screen to separate broken Rice
  • Useful for Both Raw And Boiled Rice
  • Useful for wheat polishing

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Technical Details

• Motor : 5 H.P. 3 Phase 910 R.P.M.
• Capacity : 200 - 250 K.G. Paddy/Hour
• Percentage of Rice : 65-68%
• Screen : D-21, U-21
• Bearing : 6306Z
• Dimensions : H-47" W-24" L-38"
• Dimensions of Rice Screen : H-19" W-25" L-39"
• Weight : 240 K.G.
Mono Block Aata Chakki